Another Dead End Lead

This lead came in a week or so back and has been followed up on. I applaud this nice individual who contacted us through the site and actually took pictures during the course of her day, to try and help our family. What a Saint…

I feel 95% sure I spotted the mom and one of the sons last week. I took quite a few pictures on my phone and would be happy to email them to you, Michael so you can review them. I will also be sending them to the Sherriffs dept. so you can contact them also to see them. It is Monday 3/28/11. P.S. I have had these pics for a week and had a really hard time not knowing what to do with them. I only knew to call the Nancy Grace show which has a busy signal constantly. I pray you are able to review pics and if you need more info the San Diego Sheriffs dept. has my info. God bless you

[ We have forwarded this information over to SDSheriff and after careful review, unfortunately, this was NOT Summer.

I would like to personally thank you for your courage in coming forward. I thank you for caring enough to take the time to contact us. Our family is very grateful.

All the Best,
Mike McStay]

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  1. DeAnna

    I am very sorry, I check this site every month or so, in hopes that your precious family members would be found safe and sound. I saw the story about them on Disappeared a couple months ago, and out of all the programs I’ve watched, this story sincerely saddened me. I worry for these people, entire strangers to me, and yet I feel like I know them, and that they are going to be found some day. I will continue to keep you and them in my prayers, and I feel you should continue to have hope. In my beliefs… Jesus is the only One that can give us peace in times like this, and I pray He will give you answers and show your family a way back to you.

    With deep concern,

  2. JLB

    Ever since I saw Disappeared I periodically check this website for updates. I can’t get over a whole family disappearing without a trace. With that said and with this latest sighting, I strongly believe that they are in the witness protection plan. I think they were going to try to disappear on their own, but then decided to go to the authorities for help. With these sightings, and the various other sightings with the family and the map. I believe they are the McStay’s and every lead is squashed. The FBI will and can never admit if people are in the witness protection program. Also another clue..why is the reward money only $1000 for a whole family missing…you would think after a year a multiple people involved the reward would be much higher…that has always bothered me. Just a thought.

  3. RP

    Ever since watching the Disappeared episode I have been regularly checking this page in hopes of great news. :( You are in our thoughts, always!!

  4. RP

    Ever since watching the Disappeared episode I have been regularly checking this page in hopes of great news. :( You are in our thoughts, always!!

  5. Jaynie Snoke

    I am so sorry this lead didn’t fulfill its hope. Keep on being strong, and don’t lose hope or faith. There are many caring people out there praying for you and for this precious family. I have no theories to offer, no speculations – nothing but my thoughts and prayers. I pray that God continues to give you strength and courage to go on with the search.

  6. hopeful

    My prayers are still with you and your family. I started to type more here, but my words seem ridiculous because I know you’ve done nothing but think of this case for a year, going over every possibility, and throwing one more thing out there isn’t going to help you any.

    Just know that for every person who comments here, there are likely hundreds of others who haven’t forgotten your brother’s family and who are sending positive thoughts your way.

    Be well…

  7. Laguna Local

    Geeze, I keep checking back in to see if I find good news. Still brokenhearted for you and your family. People at Church by the Sea pray for you. God is with you, peace to you.

  8. bd

    Hey, on the show they played a tape of the car pulling out of the driveway, were you able to see the legs of the family too? Was it only the parents and two kids? The tape started off right after they would have been climbing into the car… I don’t know if this is obvious and already questioned but it seems like a good one…

  9. Renee from Honolulu

    I just read the article in People magazine and the first I have heard of this story. I hope that everyone sees this story and finds your family. Believe me, I will be looking in Hawaii. God Bless

  10. Stella

    This case absolutely haunts me and consumes all my spare time ever since I first heard about it, nationally, a month ago in People magazine. It is a complete and total mystery…. I was glad to find a blog on this stie so that we can all share ideas, thoughts, prayers, etc.. with this family about their loved ones.

    I have many questions that seem to have not been addressed to those of us who’ve read about or seen and heard of this family disappearance. For instance, were there any cell phone calls made between the time they disappeared from their homes and the time when the car was discovered abandoned in a shopping mall parking lot? Have the extended family members reviewed the McStay family cell phone records prior to and after their disappearance? Toys were purchased from Ross in the back of the McStays vehicle. It seems like the simple fact that there was no receipt caused that part of the investigation to come to a stand still. There couldn’t have been more than 2 Ross stores within the vicinity; why not look at their surveillance cameras during that time period?

    Have the banking records of the McStays been checked to determine if they made purchases prior to their departure which would place a relevance upon their whereabouts (i.e. Passports being renewed or issued to them)? The focus continues to be in Mexico but I’m wondering if the local Fallbrook area has been searched repeatedly, as well. Is there any way to determine if a banking account was pre-established by the couple, South of the border in Mexico – prior to their sudden disappearance?

    My gut feeling is that this family is still alive. If they met with foul play – there would be an indicator of this (outstanding debts, upcoming court cases, a contentious marriage between the couple, etc…). Certainly, if they were killed I believe money would’ve been removed from their banking account shortly thereafter, somehow. I just wish I had a few more of these questions answered; it might help in putting the pieces of this strange puzzle more into place.

  11. Theresa McGallicher

    I just heard this story for the first time an episode of Disappeared tonight, which I guess was a rerun. I just wanted to add my sympathies for the rough time your family has had since this happened, and to wish you all a speedy and positive resolution to this case. Many blessings.

  12. Jan Myers

    I, too, just saw this story for the first time on ID. Our hearts are heavy for your wonderful family. Last year our 26-year-old daughter was killed and our hearts are broken. I just can’t imagine how you can be coping with four being missing and not knowing where they are, what they’re doing, and if they’re okay. May God bless you and watch over your missing family members. We will be praying for you all and watching for a happy update to this website very soon.

  13. danielle

    I couldnt help but STRONGLY wonder if the waiter who “spotted them” was questioned in detail. When the guy says he knew he saw the son because he thought he was a girl and confirmed it by saying he saw the birthmark. THAT sounds like it has a strong ring of truth to it. BUT then the guy swears they had a map that doesnt have one single of their fingerprints on it. He seeing the kid has a ring of truth to it, thats for sure. The two dont add up. I wouldnt treat this just as some false/confused sighting….this guy sounds like he did in fact meet them and yet it makes no sense that they would have a map that wouldnt leave fingerprints. Was he trying to throw the family off.

  14. krystal

    I just found out an isolated spot with bungalows LO De Marcos. Not far from the airport worth a look.

  15. Lacey

    It seems they wanted to vanish, they ARE still alive. Law enforcement could not and would not be able to tell anyone (media at that!) If they are in fact being protected…I think its absurd that all of these leads and details somehow never “add up”. It sounds like a cover up, or sloppy police work. This family is alive I believe but I wish them well still. Hopefully one day soon we will all know for sure they are safe and happy!

  16. barbara

    I was in Law Enforcement for over 20 years in a major city and my last assignment was Sex Crimes, where I was a supervisor for 7 years. Your plight to find your brother and his family really got to me. I agree with you 100% that the area that was not searched needs to be done ASAP. It doesn’t appear that Law Enforcement has nor did they have a problem at that time searching that area, so why wasn’t it searched? I know you heard this numerous times but many people single and families go missing because they want to or “have to”. In your brother’s case, it may be the latter. The Law Enforcement in that area were good from the beginning – they are running with this as though this happened yesterday – following every lead no matter how bogus it sounds. So how is it that the area that could prove most important to this case was not searched? Who made that decision and why? I heard you when you described the weather conditions, etc. It will not surprise me that if and when that area is searched that something of your brother and his family is found and case is closed. Keep in mind that no one is privy to Witness Protection. No agency other than the agency placing the witness/es, I believe your family is alive and well and your brother voluntarily made that decision to protect his family and the extended family. God Bless you and may you find some peace and possibly lay this all to rest someday.

  17. ane

    Dear McStay family, I saw your story on Disappeared yesterday and I share your sadness. Just want to say that our prayers are with you, hopping God will soon bring them back to you.

  18. Tais

    After I watched “Disappeared” I had the same thoughts that Stella has mentioned above about the cell phone records and the Ross store, but maybe the police did not disclose all the information to the media. Also why would they buy girls’ toys if they had two boys ?
    And if they were in the witness protection program, this information would not be shared with local law enforcement ? Is this the standard procedure ? (this is a question from someone who does not live in the US). I just wonder it would be such a waste of time and resources …
    Anyway, I really hope they are fine and that they will be found soon.

  19. Ashley

    This story breaks my heart. i dont no much about it and i wish that i did. i wish i could of followed this story from the start. i am doing some reading to see what all has happened and is happening now. from the looks of what i seen. this family seemed very happy i dont no why they would just take off with out lettin anyone know. thats the part that dont make sence to me i believe there is more reasoning behind where they are and if it was by choice or not. My prayers go out to you and your family i would do whatever i could to help you if i could. =( keep your heads up i believe you will find out what really happed one day. i truley believe that with all my heart.

  20. Alex

    There is an important lesson in here, I think.

    People like this woman agonize over whether they are going to give false hope and such, but I think what the family and police would want you to do is, if you have a suspicion you know where they are, to remember that the onus is not on you to be certain. The onus is, however to be responsible. If you think that you have seen a member of the family and it is eating at you, forward it. The police and family working together will decide. Sure, it must be disappointing to get a lead and have it not pan out. But that is the nature of doing the work that must be done here – most leads will go nowhere until one finally does. Who knows which one that will be? And keep in mind that two years is a long time – people’s looks can change immensely especially if there have been any problems, poor care/diet, stresses etc. And children change very quickly. So don’t sit on information. Forward it and let those in a position to investigate make the decision. Someone, somewhere has seen something. It might be very small. But the public must be a key part in eventually solving this case. Best wishes to the family and to everyone concerned and helping.

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