Billings Montana received a tip from June 1, 2011 that there was a possible sighting at a clinic. Someone contacted us through the site who believes she saw our missing family.

The information about the possible sighting was immediately sent from my android straight over to Detective Troy DuGal with SDSD. The woman at the clinic felt so strongly about this family possibly being the McStay Family that she contacted security to look into the matter.

Video was obtained from the facility and ruled NOT to be our family.

Another dead end….

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  1. Irene Rivas

    I am sooo sorry to hear that wasn’t them. I pray and hope we soon find news about ur family. I have been following this story since I read it on people magazine and check this website daily hoping to see good news. DON’T GIVE UP FAITH/HOPE!!!. We have a wonderful God who knows what ur going thru and he won’t forget about you and ur family. Blessings from Las Vegas.

  2. Leah Holland

    I just read the People Magazine article today. I was so saddened to read about your family disappearing and decided to look at your site to see where this is all at as of now. Please hang in there and say a prayer every chance you get, as I’m sure you do! I wish the best for you & your family and hope that this terrible nightmare ends for all of you soon!!! Sending positive thoughts for you and yours from Pennsylvania. I will be sure to follow up on this and believe that there will be good news to read from you soon! : )

  3. Christina

    Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that this was not the McStay family. It just angers me though. The McStay family is so unique that one would think it would be so easy to point them out as the people missing. They’re just a unique family of rich ethnicity. I don’t know how people could get it so wrong. It’s like getting everyone’s hopes up just to fall down. I will pray that someone will finally see these people for real and it will be the McStay family for good. I will keep trying to help this case in anyway I can. Even though I’m on the East coast.

  4. Tanya

    As a Montanan I had high hopes when I saw that title. I am so sorry it didn’t turn out to be them. This family had been on my mind since I saw them on disappeared. They seem so loving and normal and the circumstances so odd. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  5. XYZ

    These are the same kind of people who think they’ve spotted Elvis hanging out down at the laudromat.

    How could someone possibly mistake the McStays for any other family, provided they saw them from a reasonable distance?!!! What an idiot! (Sorry, but someone has to say it without sugarcoating it!)


  6. XYZ

    These are the same type of people who think they’ve spotted Elvis hanging out down at the laundromat.

    How could someone possibly mistake the McStays for any other family, provided they saw them from a reasonable distance?!!! What an idiot! (Sorry, but someone has to say it without sugarcoating it!)

  7. Jennifer

    oh… so sorry….you all are in my thoughts and prayers (saw the story in People magazine)

  8. RC

    I’ve been following this story since the month they went missing. I live in Oregon and find this story very baffling. I can’t even imagine how this could happen and or why. But one thing is for sure if they are out there somewhere I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for them especially since I work in various hospitals throughout the northwest. I feel very concerned for this family and pray to God they are ok. Keep on prayin folks. The lord has then in his hands and those little angels too. My heart goes out and all my prayers aswell.

  9. Gail Johnson

    Have you tried getting your story on Unsolved Mysteries? They have a wide TV audience. They can post pictures of your family. Maybe someone will recognize them.

    Good Luck to you. I will keep you in my prayers.


  10. Stacey

    I think it’s great that the tipster from Montana called in the tip, even if it was wrong. Better to be wrong than to not say anything and have it be them. Also, it’s good to know that people all over the country are still keeping their eyes open for this family. I’ve been following this story since March of last year, I check this website every day and will continue to do so until this family comes home. My heart is with you guys! Stay strong and hold on to hope. There are so many people out there pulling for you.

  11. Di

    I just read the article in a sister magazine of U.S.’s People where I live in Australia. I am so sorry the family in Montana did not turn out to be the McStays. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to get your hopes up only only to end in dissappointment. I have never been in this situation nor do I ever hope to be, but all I can think is I would rather follow any/all leads even if they ended up not being them than NOT follow a lead that could BE them. As nobody knows why they dissappeared and if for some reason they did willingly do this on their own then I imagine they would attempt to change their appearance as much as possible so that they wouldn’t be easily identified (which is perhaps what the person in Montana thought – there was some aspect of resemblence but not, of course, an exact match?). The one thing that stuck out in my mind when reading the article about the family was that they had only just recently purchased their house. I am no detective so I know I couldn’t be the only one to wonder if there is an connection as to whether they were mistaken for the former owners/residents by the wrong people. I’m guessing that would have already long been thought of and investigated though. I pray the McStay family is soon found safe and well!!

  12. Julie

    Following the story since it first aired on Investigation ID, I honestly believe that they are in witness protection. Unfortunately, the family would not be able to be told about it and the feds would not disclose that information because disclosing it would not be protecting that foursome. It is unfortunate that there are so many questions with little answers for the people who love them so much.

  13. Mandi

    I also saw their episode on Disappeared and wanted to see if there were any leads since the show aired. I am so sorry to hear that you are still working with dead ends. Sending positive thoughts your way from Tennessee.

  14. Jennifer

    At least someone called…..we should never discourage someone from calling because out there someone is seeing them but thinking there is no way that could be them.

  15. Lisa

    I just saw this story on ID Channel last night. I am so sorry for all of the McStays family and friends. This story touched me so deeply. The closeness of this family reminds me of my family and we are also from so. cal.

    I hope and pray for their safe return.

  16. HisBabyqirl

    Aww how sadd. I watched the Disappeared show on ID and damn that hit me cause i wouldnt want to imaqqin my family qoinq thru thisz.
    I wonder if there in TJ. If they are why havnt they contacted there family at least to tell em that there ok. My prayers go out to you guys && hopefully you hear from them soon! Cause damn that must suck not knowinq where ur family members are at. We are from Fallbrook, Ca too:)

  17. Laura

    I watched the episode on Vanished this morning and I haven’t been able to shake the horror of the whole thing… it is just so unreal and sad. The thing that keeps getting me is her glasses being left behind, even if they planned this wouldn’t she have taken her glasses? I think the person in Montana calling in is a positive thing, it means that there are people out there who are actively looking for your family, who have tucked that image into their head and I also thing that though they didn’t have the id of them correct it is still a good thing that they called it in because like one of the people above said, rather have it be a wrong id then for someone to be unsure and not call it in and it be them. I hadn’t though about what Julie said above, about them being in witness protection, which all makes sense, with the little information I know about how it works anyway. It is kind of a comforting thing to think too because that means they have the government taking care of them and they are safe. I wont forget their faces and will continue to look for them.

  18. valerie

    Hi. I am so sorry to hear of your missing family. My heart breaks that you don’t know what has happened. I pray that whatever the case may be that you are comforted with the time you had with them even if it was small. God knows all things and we will hopefully one day know what happened to them. Either they are in a better place not of this earth or living in a place where they don’t want to found. I am hoping for the best for this beautiful family and will be praying. Stay strong!!! Be positive and don’t give up.

  19. Carol Lee

    Just finished watching E Investigations… In regard to the video footage of the apparent McStay family at the border, is it perhaps possible to create a reinactment using actors of the exact height and size of all four family members and use the same camera at the border. Then compare both videos. The result my be able to help clear up the possibility that it could or couldn’t be the McStay family….

  20. Marion

    Maybe that one tipster will someday be right and you will get to see your beloved family.

  21. eric

    I am very sorry for the family. Pleas tray on Unsolved Mysteries here maybe be som tips.
    Eric Slovenia EU

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