E! Investigates McStay Family Vanishes!

E! Investigates is currently lending a hand in producing an hour show covering our family’s story. Our family is still missing after almost 20 months. 20 months!

I will entertain any reasonable offer to produce a show covering my brother, sister, & nephews. The more the pictures and information is plastered over the airwaves, the better the opportunity we have in generating leads for law enforcement to pursue.

E! has stepped up and we are grateful for any assistance we can get from the media to help.

E! has a large following and hopefully someone who knows something will have the courage to come forward.

All tips should be forwarded to the mcstayfamily.com website, the San Diego Sheriff Department, or CrimeStoppers.

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  1. Katie

    Such good news Mike!!!

  2. libby cape

    I keep praying for the familys safe return !! and I pray the E! Investigates show brings the clue that cracks this case wide open!!!

  3. Julie Bogner

    Just wanted you to know that your family is not forgotten. We live not too far from where they did and this story surely caught our eye and captured our hearts. I watch everything I can about the story, praying for their safe return and I have your website bookmarked to keep up to date. I can’t imagine the frustration and sadness you must be feeling. Not knowing is always the worst. Sometimes all we can do is keep plugging along and pray for the best. One day I am confident we will know just what happened… Blessings to you.

  4. Jack

    When does this E! episode air on television?

    Do you have a date?

    Prayers go out to the Family, thanks.

    [ I am told it will air in December. We will post it on the site once we know for sure. ]

  5. Norma Gutierrez

    Isn’t this the family that might have been seen walking across the border in Tijuana when they first disappeared?

  6. Tim & Paulette

    Dear Mike and all the McStay family members and Summer’s entire family and all other loved ones of this wonderful missing family of four ~
    We think this is just wonderful news. If “E” will produce a show (asap) it could make something really great happen due to its wide variety of viewers–including people watching who are more interested in entertainment news versus following real news such as the mystery which continues with your missing loved ones. We’ve prayed a lot for everybody, not just for answers but of course for their well-being and safe return. We will continue to pray, and now also specifically for this program to be produced quickly by “E” as we feel confident many millions of people who don’t know this sad story will learn of it–which means Joe, Summer and the boys may be home soon.
    May God bless ALL of you ~ Tim & Paulette

  7. Julia Weyenberg

    I’m sorry to hear they are still missing. I think of your family from time to time and wonder where they are and how you all are holding up. What a horrible thing to endure!
    So glad to read that E is keeping their names in the news. One day we will know the whole story. Until then, I hope they are safe and together. Stay strong!

  8. Kiyoko Porter

    I just want to say that this story from the time I heard about it has hit home for me. My family has had a similar situation and I just want to say to Mike stay strong and keep your hope. I am praying for you and your kin.

  9. Mary

    I saw in one report that Summer had phoned a homeopathic med place to order a medicine called “Anger” but the company said there was no such item. I did find this site that had it:
    Their site says: Our Anger spray, a homeopathic remedy, relieves symptoms of anger, which may include:

    - Explosive outbursts
    - Feelings of hostility
    - Restlessness
    - Irritability
    Always hoping for good results in your search for your family.

  10. ashley

    Mike –
    It is 5:10 am here in Western Canada, and I have just finished watching an episode of “Disappeared” from my PVR.
    Heartbreaking. Tragic. Inconceivable.
    I was compelled enough to do a web search to find the latest updates on the case. I am sorry to hear no progress has been made. A veritable nightmare for sure.
    Though not too many of us can relate to this deep and personal pain, many share in love and support for the entire McStay family.
    I have done what little I can – I posted a link to my facebook page. I.. suppose I just hope to spread awareness.
    If I may make a suggestion – I would see if in the future – any television or print ads you do – you include this website – as I only came across it by chance.
    Best of luck, much love, and healing peace to you.

  11. Regina Marie

    my prayers are always about the missing and also they’re families. I will never forget this case until the truth comes out.

  12. jennifer

    @ Mary:
    Very interesting regarding the anger spray. It makes me wonder which one of them had anger issues. We know if Summer was the one to search for it, she at least was aware of his need for it. On the otherhand, maybe he had the anger issues and she sought it out for him. Either way, Summer had to at least have known about it. Could it be they walked across the border in search of a close store that dealt in homeopathic remedies and fell prey to killers? But why would she and the children go across with no paperwork to get back across to the US? Also the missing 4 days had to be the most significant part of this mystery. I think it was CM his worker/partner that called for help of some kind and see it as suspicious that he was also the one to make the missing person call. He must have knew he had to notify someone since no one else had reported it and it would look really bad if HE had been the last to talk to Joey per phone and unable to contact for all those days being how business relations HAVE to talk. Gad he NOT reported them missing, it REALLy would have looked much more suspicious on his part. I think in the first 4 days he was disposing of the bodies and cleaning up any trail to him and trying to set up his own alibis. Their remains are in the US.

  13. Megan

    Dear McStay family,
    I saw the Disappeared episode on ID (after seeing a commercial for the new season I found their website and became amazed by this particular story and purchased the episode on iTunes as someone on this website had announced) and I am heartbroken that there has been no leads in this case since their car was found. I am confident that one day you will have the answers to the questions that you are so desperately seeking. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish you are feeling in the meantime and I am praying for this beautiful family to be safe and sound. There has been no other missing persons case I have ever heard of that has been so unbelievable and mind-boggling as this one has. There HAS to be answers out there somewhere! SOMEONE has to know where they are and what has happened. I am praying for this family and you everyday. Never, ever give up hope. Ever.
    Best Regards and God Bless,
    Megan Ellis
    New Jersey

  14. C morley

    Perhaps a scenario could be?
    Someone that they knew urgently needed their help? The 4 days of silence was spent figuring out what to do? If that involved a trip over the boarder for wthi would be to come back quickly. Apart from the beloved dogs, the covering of the toys in the car makes me think. If i go shopping, i cover any purchases to avoid the prying eyes of thieves. This might have been for the kids for when they got back? Also, if they had spent 4 days with someone, it might explain why the eldest child seemed comfortable talking to the man who crossed the boarder with them!
    I would think the computer search was done the week before when they found out the problem? Im also thinking its associated with Summer who had to be involved because if it was someone connected with the husband, he wouldnt take the whole family. I hope my ponderings do not give any offense.

  15. Johnna

    I was watching the Disappeared episode on I.D. last night and I cannot tell you how this tragedy has effected me. My prayers are with the families. I will continue to pray for a safe return. Just so many unanswered questions. What happened? Why? My thoughts and prayers are with you and I will continue to keep awareness out there and continue my support to your family.

  16. tlm

    I am appalled that people are using this website to speculate. You have no idea if anyone had anger issues or not. Please stop distracting from the message the family is sending out with wild speculations.

    To Mike: I don’t have the skills to do so, but I bet you can find someone who can do an informational video for this website. You might also link all the videos online and interviews to a media component of this website. I’d go full social media with a Facebook page and Twitter, in addition to other social media sites. I make this suggestion because I have a home business and I utilize social media, which has actually been quite useful in making connections.

    My best to you family-

  17. Celine J

    I am so sorry for the pain your family must be going through for the past 20 months. I just finished watching “Disappeared” and was driven to write to you. I NEVER do anything like this but, figured it couldn’t hurt. I am NOT a detective and I am sure the investigators have followed every possible lead; however, I noticed that they mentioned the family had hired people through Craigslist to help with the renovation and that the painter had just disappeared from the job. Did the investigators look into these people? A theory that immediately popped into my head was if one of these people were involved in the kidnapping of the family to ultimately kidnap the boys and sell them across the boarder. I know it’s a horrific theory but, I noticed the show didn’t mention anything about looking into that possible lead. And I do know with Craigslist you don’t know what type of people you are dealing with. I know the investigator was very sure that the video taken at the border was the family. But, I got the impression that it was the boys and a couple (not the parents) crossing the border and that the toys were bought to calm the boys nerves for their trip. But, the car and toys were eventually discarded (left behind) because the kidnappers felt at the last minute that it would be too risky to cross the border in their car. And it is also very possible that the search on the computer was done by one of the hired workers while the mother was outside playing with the dogs and the kids. Did they fingerprint the keyboard? Anyhow, these were just the thoughts/theories/questions that came to mind. I hope I didn’t upset you with them. I will pray for your family and everyone’s safe return. Also, I think the boys were in San Ysidro but, not with their parents and the waiter did serve the children. That is why the fingerprints on the map weren’t of either parents.

  18. Ru Paul

    1000$ reward for info on 4 missing, 2 under 5yrs of age. Web searches for mexico and what u need to cross border for kids, car left at border. Claims bankrupcty then buys new place, read about some fraud ish involving is pops. This all leads to vanishing with a briefcase full of cash, drinking tequilla in acapolco never to been heard or seen again. P.s. 1000$ reward lol, 4 ppl I don’t even get outta bed for less than 6 gs.

  19. Alicia

    I just watched the story on your family on Disappeared. In fact I recorded it and watched it 3 times bc it intrigued me so. First my heart goes out to you and your family and they will be in my prayers. I’m really curious about a couple of things. I know that the one hour show can’t give all the information and the full investigation, but they said that Joseph Mcstays last phone call was at 8:45 pm the last night they were heard from & that the isuzu trooper was seen leaving at 7:45 pm. I’m assuming they have only one vehicle. The show did not say if they were able to tell where Joseph was at the time of that 8:45 call (from cell towers) to his business partner. Also, the show stated that most of the renovating was done through Craigslist. But the show didn’t say that they investigated every contact made through Craigslist. I used to work in criminal appellate court and I will say that having strangers in your home to do work can be very dangerous, ie when you have appliances delivered or carpets cleaned. They get to be in your home and scope out things, etc. After that job I have been extremely careful about anyone I have come do work at my home. I think we all have heard how dangerous Craigslist can be …just had a local newstory in town near me of a craigslist murder. Anyway I was just curious about these couple of things that the show did not elaborate on. Hope you get answers soon!

  20. Analisa

    Have just watched your families story on “Disappeared” here in Dubai. Such a tragic story and I wish you all the best in finding them soon.

  21. Melissa

    ” Entertain offers ” … I am confused as to how this thought is even in your head after they have been missing and not found for 20 months. I find myself checking this website weekly and honestly as an outsider looking in, it appears they have vanished at their own hand. It may have been for good reason and a reason you may never know but need to accept. However, if a television show, new network, etc is willing to cover your story, compensation should not be an issue.

  22. Elizabeth Smith

    Hi, I have just seen your story on DSTV in South Africa. If we see it here it means that your search has gone global. Somewhere somebody must have seen something. We trust that you will have your answers in time. Comming from a country where anything is possible and the crime levels are extremely high-this story is very strange indeed. Hope you also have private investigators on the case. You are in our thoughts.

  23. Lisa Iniguez

    I just saw the story on E. I will be praying for your family. God Bless.

  24. Claire

    I just watched the E! Special about your family. I want to tell you how truly sorry I am for what you and your loved ones are going through. Your strength and courage should be inspiration to us all. I pray for your family’s safe return and for peace to return to your lives.

  25. c

    I think this is hoax to generate money

  26. Lauren Vento

    E! Investigates brought me here. My deepest sympathy to the whole family. I hope that they are found soon!

  27. Jaja

    It’s been almost 2 years and I haven’t heard of these people disappearing until I saw the Laura Ling piece on E!. That must mean that it’s never too late to get as much publicity as possible. We have a similar story from Georgia where a local musician walked out leaving his freshly chopped vegetables, his cell phone, his computer turned on and his guitar. Friends say he takes his guitar with him everywhere. His truck was found in the parking lot of a WalMart in Texas. The security cameras show him at the truck. Unfortunately remains have been found at a campsite nearby with his wallet and some personal affects. There had been no activity on his bank account. Everyone that knew him said he would never leave. The police thinks no foul play. There are a lot of similarities between the McStay family. Leaving suddenly, no bank activity, vehicles left near the Mexican border. If that is their family on the video footage at the border, why would they have walked, especially with children? I will be praying for their family and friends.

  28. Kimberly Northcutt

    I’ve seen the show twice today. I only caught half early this morning and the entire episode just went off. I am so sorry I would have informed you all, but I just read this article all the way through.

    The next time it aires is on Monday 12-19-2011 at 2-3pm Central Standard time. My reminder won’t go more than three days so it could air all week.

    Check right now! It just went off in my time zone.

    My heart and prayers go to you!
    Much Love!

  29. jodi

    Theres 2 things which are two different things. One she was feeling alot of pressure bc the house was not getting done and her husband was so busy with work, and she was feeling the anger and snapped and killed her kids. The husband came home, and help her cover it up. Another one I thought is maybe he was abusive and she was planning on leaving him and mexico was the last place he would look. They claimed she was a hermit, but maybe he was controlling. Also, I would have loved to known what they were texting. she wanted her real estate liscense that might been her way of finding independence. Also they could have just left, and he left that 100,00o in the bank account for his son. I guess we will never know. But a happy family does not just up and leave. They said she was ross’s clothing store and bought infant clothes she was planning on visiting her sister and new baby. Was he controlling? making her stay at home.

  30. cate j

    hi, i just finished watching the program on E with Lisa Ling, i am in Madison, WI. I am sorry to hear about your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  31. Nicki

    Dear Mike,

    First i want to say that my heart is breaking for you and your family as well as Summer’s. I seen the show and was in tears just to imagine losing family in a blink of an eye and it all still be a mystery after almost 2 years. Those children are the most beautiful children, i pray for everyone’s safe return. Try and stay positive and hopes high as god is watching over them.
    Take Care and my best for all!!

  32. Julie Rose

    I’ve seen the story on Nancy Grace when it first occurred and on Disappeared and I have not been able to stop thinking of and praying for your family that you may find answers and eventually peace about the disappearance. I can’t imagine how heart wrenching and mind boggling being in your shoes must be so I will continue to pray for your family’s safe return or at the very least, answers, so that your family can move forward. God bless you all. Don’t give up hope. Someone knows what happened. Probably more than one person. Four people can’t just vanish. I don’t believe they went to Mexico unless they were being threatened because they were cautious and didn’t want to jeopardize their safety. Looking up information about entering Mexico on the computer doesn’t mean they were intending to cross the border. They could have been curious about this simply because they were living so close to the border.

    Have you thought about contacting CBS’s “48 Hours” qproducers to see if they would have their investigative team of experts take a look at the case? My intuition from what has been reported is that they rushed out of the house to help someone with an urgent matter that would only take a few moments (since the perishables were left out on the counter) or that a professional hit was taken out which leads to motive–and the only person who would gain from the family disappearing, such as the business partner, seems the most likely suspect. Often alibis which appear to be solid are not “real” alibis and in time they fall through. Don’t give up. Don’t stop demanding that the police keep investigating. Don’t let the case go cold. I am so sorry for your anguish and rhe loss you are suffering being without your family and having to wonder every day what happened. I will pray that the truth comes out soon. God bless.


    Just wondering if there is any kind of reward set up for information on family. I haven’t heard anything about that and usually for missing people that is what some of the donations are used. If anyone knows I’m just curious.

  34. krystal

    I have watched this case on Nancy grace and other channels, but the the one that was done by E was straightforward, but not a lot of information. I feel like the guy he went to school with knew more than he was saying, because he got to defensive about his whereabouts. He said If he just wanted to pick up and leave he would, and then he said i know he is not hear. Like he knows more. Also the lady that saw them at walmart said they were the same people, but his head was shaved, that is not all strange because they said he was having bad headaches he may have some kind of cancer or tumor and they went to find some herbs that could help him, or relieve his pain. I think there still alive, but people should not put there other family members through this if they are just hiding out. They have been seen and that is a good thing. I think the walmart should get better videos if they cant see them. In case they do come back people have to eat and have to go to a store of some kind every once in a while. Good luck in finding them.

  35. Isabelle McFadden

    Did his son get to keep the 100k? If he did? That is your answer, he wanted his son to be taken care of and that is why he left it.

  36. Windell Smith

    I just watched the airing of this story with Laura Ling! and there were a couple of things that struck me strange! one is that problems did not start until after the family visited there friend in rancho cucamonga! so did police question whoever they were with there? #2 has summer mcstay’s background been checked as to the possibility that someone could have treatend her and been after her and not joseph! because he seems to be pretty clean! however Summer lied about her age #1 had several alieses look’s to be from asian decent and was apparently very cotrolling and somewhat secretive about her past it seems!! Asian people in my past experience sometimes have dark pasts which haunt and follow them! Summer could have ex husbands she was not telling about conectoins to bad people that she was hiding from by way of the perfect looking marriage to a guy that had a little money a great business and safe family life! Think about it!!

  37. jeff

    Theory: Whenever one is evaluating a case that arouses suspicion, such as this one does, an investigation has to revolve around the potential personal gain of either a perpetrator, or a member of the missing family. The most common denominator is often money. Joey’s mother said he was very adept fiscally, so it is extremely likely that he had a stash of cash at his disposal. This really opens up two distinct and very credible possibilities. The family left abruptly to make a purchase that other family members were unaware of and he had a large amount of cash on him, or someone was somehow aware he had money he could access outside of a financial institution. Dead or alive today, knowing what we do about Joey’s business success and handling of finances alone, it is not at all impossible that he had many thousands of dollars available he never deposited and subsequently no one knew about. If this is true, as I suspect it is, if they are alive and in hiding for some reason, it would explain how they are still functioning today. Conversely, if they are deceased it is extremely probable that an aware outsider was somehow able to ellicit information from or gain Joey’s trust (meet with him to make a purchase no one knew about) to ultimately access finances no one knows about. I bet this person is someone he already knew….
    Essentially authorities need to account for every cent he has earned in the last 5 years. A daunting task indeed, but I highly doubt the numbers will check out. If this case is as ominous and covert as it appears to be, what could have simply been an unknown transaction between Joey and a second party could have turned horribly wrong. It definitely was something unknown; no one knows where they were going so abruptly or why they were going there. Money can make one man kill another, and this situation reeks of a deal gone wrong that ended up badly.
    So where is the family if they are alive and on the move? Purely as speculation, they could be anywhere. If they are deceased, I would look aerially in the nearest desert region, but again, they could be anywhere.

  38. Silvia

    Hello, I just saw the show on E! yesterday and was wondering if the last business call that Joseph made was traced? I mean you never know if they were forced to leave the country to keep their family safe? I hope they can be found soon, blessings!

  39. Claudia

    I just finished watching the documentary on Vanished on the E station. I am deeply sorry for your and your family’s loss. I don’t believe that initally there was foul play and if I may be honest, I believe that the fact that Summer changed her name several times, is because her past was catching up with her, meaning that she may have been involved in something or with someone in her past that was threatning her and was afraid for her life. Perhaps someone found out where she was and caught up with her and she had to run with Joseph and their children to keep them safe to the point thay had to leave in a hurry leaving everything behind. I do believe Joseph probably had a lot of money in cash to take with them to survive and the reason they don’t use their bank account is for fear that somehow someone would know where they are and they do not want to put their family, mom, brother or friends in jeapardy. Have the authorities looked far enough into her past to look for clues? I didn’t hear anything about that in the documentary. The fact that they have been seen throughout Mexico leads me to believe that they ARE running from something or someone. God forbid that whatever scared them enough to run and leave their lives behind, have not caught up with them wherever they are. They knew they had to leave in a hurry based on the fact they were looking up for information about Mexico on their computer and that they left in their car late at night and their car was found with no visible signs of foul play. Did anyone check the hospitals in mexico? The fact that the people at the Mexican restaurant said he did not look healthy and stressed, would eventually lead him to a doctor or hospital in the areas where he was seen. Also pharmacies for his medication. Someone somewhere knows something or has seen them. Mexico is a dangerous place and I pray that one day soon, you will hear about them, wether it’s good news or bad news, but to bring you closure. The worst is not knowing. May God bless you and your family and I will pray that you may soon know their whereabouts and along good news. Don’t ever give up! If they are out there, they wouldn’t want you to give up on them either. Perhaps they will find a way to reach out to you, but they are too afraid for fear of being found by whatever amde them run in the first place.

  40. yvette

    i first heard of this story from the show DISAPPEARED. as i watched none of the clues made since. why would the family up and leave just like that. i fear for the kids as well as the parents. theres so many different reasons and ways this could happend. its sad that theirs kids involved. i hope they get justice very soon, and i really hope they return home safely! my prayers go out to both familys.

  41. Kimberly Northcutt

    The E “McStay Family Vanishes” is on E right now. It just started at 8pm CST.

    I’m still praying. <3

  42. jerry

    sad story . . .
    but to me it seems the unthinkable might be true . . . Summer may have had her husband killed and ran off to Mexico with the kids and ? The house being left in a hurry gives all the earmarks of a medical emergency or a concocted one by Summer. She may have said one of the boys is sick or more likely herself. After leaving home in a hurry Joey still remembers he needs to call a coworker. If they left at gunpoint he certainly wouldn’t be allowed to make a phone call. (is the clock correct on the neighbor’s surveillance camera?) They arrive at a pre arranged meeting place possibly on the way to a hospital where Joey is abducted then killed near that bridge. (no sign of a struggle in the house or car) They killer and Summer reunite at some point then head off together. Simple, sad, but maybe true.

  43. Amanda

    prayers and thoughts for the mcstay family <3
    never give up!

  44. RHONDA

    I do not believe that they want to be found. This is a sad, sad situation. My heart goes out to the family!

  45. Puzzled

    This is old news but new to me. While I admit it is infinitely puzzling…one tiny thing jumped out immediately. Why on earth would a toy refrigerator and sink or stove or whatever it was, be in the back of the car? Those are two boys, the children, and I cannot think of any little boy that would want them for a bday gift!

    Perhaps it was not the family that drove to the Ross store and the mall, but someone else. Perhaps that someone else or other family had reason to be scared and abandoned the car. Perhaps that someone or persons knew they could not take that car over the border. When the phone calls stopped at 8 something that night, perhaps that someone jumped into the car and forced Joey Sr. home, gun to head. There were two adults walking a small distance from the family seen crossing the border…one parallel with the man, one parallel with the woman, or roughly so. Perhaps they were (the parents) trying to keep their children calm and not get them crying to draw attention and get them killed. Whatever happened, happened on his way back home. It is a gut feeling. The red toys in the back tell me, the mother of two men, a starkly different thing. The McStays did not buy those toys unless for a niece or the child of a close friend.

    If Summer was not into decorating the way she was, even though she didn’t want to live in the mountains, I’d say perhaps the comments above had some validity. But she was obviously putting a lot of effort into making the structure *their* home and not the home of the previous owner.

    I’m not a big believer in psychics, certainly not John Edward, I think he is just a good showman. But this Sylvia Brown seems to have something. When all other options have dried up, it is worth the try. Anything is worth the try to know what happened to your family.

  46. Gemma

    The family was found in the desert??? Reading through the blogs I came across a blog on January 20 2012 from a “JEFF” who says to “look aerially in the nearest desert”. Kinda weird to me for someone to say to look in the desert when they lived in Fallbrook (far from desert) and were seen in Mexico? Could someone be wanting the story to be told but not come out and tell it themselves? Going to be interesting to see how long their bodies have been deceased.

    “So where is the family if they are alive and on the move? Purely as speculation, they could be anywhere. If they are deceased, I would look aerially in the nearest desert region, but again, they could be anywhere”.

    Pretty good guess maybe? Maybe this Jeff needs to be checked out? No disrespect if I am very far from truth, but everything has to be looked at as suspect, too many times the answer is right before us and we overlook it due to trust, or outlandish behaviors, or plain and simple denial to see the truth for what it really is or was. I was just told that Summer was an aunt to a guy I went to high school with, a nice guy, a trustworthy friend, I lived on the same street as he did and I always was intrigued by him and his gang style clothes, bandanas, white tanks and ironed slacks to a T. But nonetheless they are a warm loving familia of our Lord Jesus who’s heart has been ripped out and left with the unknown. The unknown of suffering, of pain, of why and what did anyone have to gain? May Gods graces be upon this family, for peace and comfort and for closure to come to them. The TRUTH WILL PREVAIL….it always does. Jesus please watch over WL and family, my heart goes out to you. Ivar St. You made me feel safe back then, I wish I could repay your good deed and take your pain away. God will reveal lies, untold truths, and alibis. Trust in the Lord lean on his word and your dark grieving nights will turn into glorious memory filled days. Much Love, Fellow Ivar Resident

  47. Jaida Bolzanella

    So sadden by the news this morning. I saw every story about this family and hoped that they were hiding just not wanting to be found but unfortunatly they found the remains of the whole family :( sooo sad

  48. Donna Hogan

    My prayers are with the family!!!!!

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