45 responses to “Has the McStay Family been found in New Mexico?”

  1. Kasey

    I check this site often for good news, and though we don’t know if this lead is good news or not, I hope it is! I pray for all of the family, missing and hurting alike, all the time. My heart hurts for y’all. May you be blessed with the answers soon.

  2. Sasha

    I just heard about this story recently and it touched my heart in a strange way. I hope this news leads somewhere…

    Some of the comments I have read on this website anger and upset me… people who think they know ANYTHING just because they watched a 45min special about it on TV. I know it has been 2 years and you might have gotten better at brushing people off, but please, please, keep your head high… people like this, who comment rudely, or ignorantly, have zero empathy. They are lowly know-it-alls. The fact that you continue to search, to put your necks out, despite people like this is proof that you ARE strong and you WILL see this to the end. It’s admirable and I can’t imagine the strength it takes every day.

    just know that there are people who are thinking about you, and hoping that answers will be found, too… keep those people close.
    good luck. I’ll be checking back. x

  3. Rachelle

    I have been following this case since it first aired and have since been checking this website to see if there are any leads. I know we aren’t sure if this is true, but I sure hope so! I’ve been prayering for this family and I will continue to! Thank you for the updates, I’d love to hear they are healthy and safe!

  4. Liduine Konings


    I just saw the show of the missing family on the discovery channel in het Netherlands. How i wished there was some good news for the family and friends after more then two years! Iwish you alle al lot of strength and i hope you find the answers that you so desperately need!

  5. Kimberly McCallum

    Praying this lead is legitimate! Please update~ people still care~never quit!

  6. shelly

    I saw the show when this family was featured on dissapeared now today I saw it on laura ling one. I feel for you so much. I hope there will be answers for you. Again you all are in my heart.

  7. Eric

    I recently learned about this family from watching the episode on “Disappeared” and have felt heartbroken since, particularly when I think about the children. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and anguish their relatives have experienced. Hell on earth is the only way I could describe it. I wish there was some way I could help them bring the family home or find closure. I have spent countless hours analyzing the facts in this case and developing various theories. Like many people, my first thought was the surveillance video footage showed the family crossing into Mexico on foot. However, I now believe the man in the surveillance video footage is not Joey. If that is the case, then one of the following scenarios may have occurred: (1) It is another random family crossing into Mexico and not the McStays (2) It is Summer and the kids crossing into Mexico with another man, (3) The border crossing was staged by people involved in foul play to appear as if the McStay family willingly crossed the border together. Assuming the camera that recorded the original video footage is still positioned in the same location on the border, has the San Diego police tried walking someone who is the same height as Joey along the same path and analyzed that with the original footage to compare the height of the two men? The man in the video appears taller than Joey (who I understand is 5’9) and has a thinner body build. I think an analysis similar to what I have suggested would show the man in the original video footage is taller than 5’9. Therefore, my gut feeling is the surveillance video footage shows either a random, unrelated family crossing the border or people involved in foul play against the McStays. I can only speculate as to why Joey, Summer and the kids left the house abruptly that evening. Have the San Diego police obtained video footage of any cars or people going into the house that day from the neighbor’s surveillance cameras? The police have only released the video of the Isuzu Trooper leaving the house at 7:47 PM but no video footage of the car arriving earlier in the day or any people walking near the house. Also, have the police looked into the people who owned the house before Joey and Summer? I do not believe it is an issue of mistaken identity as some have suggested, but could they have found something of value in the walls or floors of the house or in the yard during renovations / landscaping? I also believe it is unlikely that Summer or Joey were involved in anything shady or illegal with either third parties or between themselves. I think most likely they (1) came into possession with something of great value or (2) witnessed a serious crime and were running from very bad people. I do not believe Joey would have willingly gone to Mexico and abandon his oldest son, the financial investments in his business and new home, all of the money in his bank accounts and his beloved dogs in the backyard without food and water. That much in my mind is beyond question. He would not do that. No way. Joey was either fleeing from someone and had no time to make arrangements or was deceived by someone he trusted. I also doubt the toys in the back of the car are of any particular significance. One of the kids had a birthday coming up and that is why the larger toys were concealed in the back of the car. They did not want the kids to find them and there was no place to hide them in the home. I believe they likely purchased the toys at a Ross store or another place (maybe even from Craigslist) within close proximity to their neighborhood. I do believe that video camera footage from a public place in the area near their home or by perhaps near the border or eyewitness testimony will eventually crack this case wide open. There are public video cameras in the relevant communities that captured important footage around the time they went missing that has yet to come to light and there most certainly are witnesses, perhaps some who do not realize the significance of what they saw or who are afraid to come forward. This case will eventually be solved. I pray for a happy ending.

  8. Gil

    I’ve seen this case 2 weeks ago. I just can get this Lovely family out of my head. Hopefully they are founded. Wish you all the best, love and hope from the Netherlands.

  9. Eric

    Mike, I will continue to check this website frequently in the hope that one day I will find good news that Joey, Summer and the kids have been located. Since watching the episode on “Disappeared”, I have searched for as much information as I can find about the case. I have spent hours awake in bed at night thinking about the known facts and developing theories. Their disappearance haunts me. Like many other people following the case, my heart aches for your family. Please remain strong, steadfast and resilient in your search efforts. Most importantly, never lose hope that they will be found someday. I am a total stranger to you, but I will not lose hope of their safe return. I pray for all of your family and that God will give you the strength to see this through. God bless.

  10. Jen

    Im not exactly sure why this story has captured my attention, but since the initial disapearance Ive been checking this website and hoping each time new details would have surfaced. I do hope the family is found safe and sound.

  11. Michelle

    I just watched the episode of Disappeared that featured your family and I am deeply saddened especially for those beautiful little boys. I hope that this case comes to some happy conclusion and that you are reunited with your loved ones. I cannot even imagine what this must be like for your family. My heart goes out to you and my prayers and positive thoughts are sent your way. I will continue to check back in the hopes that some happy news will be posted.

    Michelle D Fraser Los Angeles, CA

  12. Lynn C.

    I also check this site often hoping for good news on the family. I travel alot on Hwy. 76 to and from Temecula and every time I pass their turnoff I can’t help but be reminded of this beautiful family that has vanished without a trace. May the Lord bless them and their families.

  13. Ashley

    I really want this family to be found alive and healthy my players go out to their loved once

  14. Sandy

    I hope u find your family, I have been following your story from the beginning. I hope all ends well. Pl keep us updated!! Thank you, sandy

  15. Michele

    I have been following this story since February 2010. I hope your family finds answers — and peace — sometime soon.

  16. Maria

    Don’t give up. Stay strong.

  17. Jane

    To me it seems like every time there is a sighting or a new lead it goes cold without hearing about any investigation. I think they went missing on purpose and that their family is trying the best they can to keep them off the grid. Why would people falsely claim to see them? I think,yes people have spotted them but someone is trying to make us think that it’s not Mcstay family.There is something really fishy going on here.

  18. Jane

    What is this websites address? Where is the article? I like how we never are given any information about leads. We are only told that is a false lead. Something is being covered up here.

  19. hopeforpeace

    I just want you to know that I am deeply concerned. I have this feeling about the kids…did someone working for the mcstays at their home have some desire to take the kids ? I am sorry if this seems rude or something I just watched the video and I have to say that when summer had mentioned to her friend that she needed his help painting because the painter left …who is this painter that was working on the house that just up and left? my prayers go out to your family.

  20. cj

    Your family is still in my thoughts and prayers, like others I have been keeping with updates since it originally happened. I pray the family is safe and in Gods hands and that you will have peace soon.

  21. Ashleigh

    Been following this since the beginning and check in every so often to see if they have been found. Just read about the phones being in Bosnall. Wondered if Joseph knew the area at all.
    For me the most strange bit is how they left so suddenly and without Bear and Digger. I can’t imagine Summer doing that. Not even calling someone to look after them. So Summer didn’t leave of her own accord. Next their cellphones are in Bonsall, active, yet messages to Summer aren’t returned. If you want to hide the first thing you do is turn your phone off. So Summer wasn’t hiding and couldn’t return the calls. So Summer was dead, probably before she left the house. Joseph was alive in Bonsall. He was there over a day then drove the vehicle down to where it was found. The police said there was no sign anyone other than the McStays had been in it. He parked near the border and probably walked across, either with the kids or alone. He didn’t take anything with him or access his funds. HE didn’t want to be found. So, we come to the thought that he and Summer had a fight in the house; he hit or strangled her to death in the heat of the moment; he rushed the kids and her body off to an isolated location to bury the body; spent the next few days agonizing over what to do; the kids would be hysterical crying for their mother; then he left for Mexico. Did he take the kids with him or ‘leave’ them in Bosnall or somewhere else along the way. Could he live with what happened, has he taken his life? This could be an incredibly sad ending.

  22. Heather

    We live in NM. If you need us to so anything please let us know.

  23. Stephanie

    I, too, often check your website to see if there have been any new leads and/or updates in the case of the missing McStay family. Please continue to keep us updated. Do not lose hope. Praying for your entire family and wishing you all happiness and peace.

  24. Lauren

    Hello McStays,
    I heard about your story recently. I can’t pretend to know what you all are going through and I am so sorry for all of you. My wish for you all is that you have some good news regarding your family to share with everyone someday. Don’t give up hope.

    -Lauren (from Denver)

  25. Lia

    Just watched this show in Disappeared in Youtube. My heart goes out to your family and I hope you get to find them soon.

  26. Chelis

    My heart and prayers go out to this family.

  27. Arima

    I watched this story presented by Laura Ling for the 3rd time today and decided to check this website for any updates. For some reason I must have missed seeing the link during the other airings. Such a heartbreak to lose family members w/ no explanation especially when two small children are involved. It is definitely a mystery and so far no reason can be found. So strange. What really bothered me in the beginning was the fact that the house was left in such disarray particularly w/ food left out. Either they were forced to leave or thought that by leaving the house in the way that they did everyone would assume they had left by force. I’ll keep checking the website and praying that you will find them alive and well

  28. LAL

    I’m fresh eyes to this case as I just watched the E show again. I’m wondering if the family recognized any of the adult clothing in the border video? The child with the birthmark will be the one to be on alert for in the schools or towns. As a former Principal, I often see children out in the day and wonder why they’re not in school-even when they may be on vacation. I can’t believe a real mother in her right state of mind would leave behind medications and important items for her child. Regardless, I hope the adults have not met with harm and they are all safe. Is there one page or best article that lists all of the facts so we newbies don’t keep asking the same things? God speed for their safe return…

  29. EasternOregonMom

    so many questions. such a heartbreaking mystery. In all the shows i’ve watched on this, all the websites with stories, updates – no one (that i’ve heard) has mentioned the possibility of the mcstays having to be put in Witness Protection Program for something they may have seen, etc. sounds far-fetched, yep. But… what, if?

  30. Kelly

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I know this is going to sound crazy, but as I was watching an episode of FBI Criminal Pursuit tonight, which aired 6/20/2012, I can swear I saw Joseph and Summer McStay.

    This episode called “Dark Side of the Law” talked about a women disappearing and members of the team are shocked to learn that their suspect is a former state trooper. When he goes missing they feel he is not in the country anymore and they pan to a busy street I feel is in Mexico. To the left of the screen a man sneezes (who I believe looks like Joseph) and lefts his head up and turns for a brief second to a women to his right our left (who I believe is Summer). The flash of this street does not last long but it caught my attention. I am not sure if this is correct, but felt it needed to be looked at.

    I did not know where else to go to post this.


  31. Ramón García

    Hi McStays, from Dominican Republic.

    I pray for you.

  32. Marie Gan

    I just watched the McStay family Disappeared episode on Netflix. I am left puzzled and disturbed by the disappearance of this young couple and their beautiful little boys. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

  33. amra

    My prayers go out to the mcstays

  34. Paula

    I have just watched Vanished with Beth Holloway and am saddened for you all. You will have so many if’s and questions that your lives will be in constant turmoil. I wish you all the best in your search for answers and that you see your family again. God speed.


  35. patricia dumas

    I say who cares what people say! The fact of the matter is that any and every time you get someone interested enough to say something, (good or bad, writing books and posts, etc) it keeps the case in the news. And isn’t that what you want??

    Forget HOW it gets in the news and gets publicity–as long as its out there. I wouldn’t spend time worrying about character bashing and defamation. The more people talk, the more the word will get out , and then maybe somehow they will be found.

    Take it on the chin, let them at you, and just keep the story out there. It’s no time to get insulted. This family NEEDS to be found any way possible!

  36. Mo Perez

    Did anyone ever follow-up on Kelly’s info from November 27, 2012. It could very well be a lead. I saw the video and it is such a quick panning to the public’s left, but someone else
    may be able to dissect much more thoroughly.

  37. james

    search riverbed for phones.

  38. james

    public search house to bridge for phones.they had to take 15 south or bridge or right on river road.search roadside along 76.

  39. maamu

    Did anyone ever follow-up on Kelly’s info from November 27, 2012. It could very well be a lead. I saw the video and it is such a quick panning to the public’s left, but someone else
    may be able to dissect much more thoroughly.

    This episode is on youtube. It is in 3 parts. To save yourself some time you can go directly to what Kelly and Mo are referring to. Go to part 3 and appr. 2:55 you will see the couple on the let side of the screen. He is wearing a faded orange or light coral tee shirt. He sneezes. You will have to watch it several times to get a glimpse of the woman he is with.

  40. robert

    i belive that is them 2:54 video 3 of 3

  41. Sky

    I just saw the episode with E and my heart goes out to this family. I saw the video Kelly was talking about and the guy in the video seemed pretty tall and the woman he was with had on a hat. I don’t think that that was them. Did anyone ever look into the painter who just up and left and find out who he was and why he didn’t return? The employee that Joey had a meeting with did anyone ever interview that person? The way that the family left did seem as if they may have been running from someone or seen something but I dont think that the footage at the border indicates that that was a definite them. It could have been any couple with two kids, but on the other hand it could have been them. I definitely don’t mean any disrespect but has anyone looked any further into Summer due to the fact that that is not even her real name and that she had lied about her age. For me it seems like something fishy with her because like Joey’s mother said he wouldn’t have left his oldest like that and Summer failed to include his oldest in the “four circle”. I feel there is a reason why she has went by multiple names and that would definitely needed to be looked in. In the E episode a friend had mentioned that Summer like to be in control. With Joey having a business established, an older son and other great things going for him maybe it was someone after Summer since she wasn’t who she say she was and going by a different name and age and whoever was after her found her and they had to up and leave abruptly. Even Joey’s mother said on this that she was finding out this about her daughter in law that she didn’t know. I know its only age and name but it would definitely be something to look into. I really hope that they find the family or that Joey at least contacts his mom to let her know that he is okay.

  42. brittani

    I now am watching the E investigation about this beautiful family. Im at a loss for words but do pray this family is out there alive and well. It is very confusing on how they just vanish without a single trace. I have hopes they will show up. I cant get this family out of my mind. My prayers & thoughts go to the loved ones who want answers.

  43. AJ

    ^^^^Can you please post the link to the Youtube video you mention????

    I can’t find it on Youtube anywhere!!!

  44. AJ

    OK I just watched that and it IS NOT JOEY. That guy is SO tall and has skinny arms and body. Doesn’t look like Summer either.

  45. jason

    i am a mcstay they are my cousins. i have been following upon this since i have heard about it. my thoughts are wilh my family.

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