McStay’s are still Missing

Joseph, Summer, Gianni, and Joseph Mateo McStay are still missing after almost 20 months. Countless leads have been exhausted without a single confirmed sighting. NOT ONE… How does a family of four simply vanish and three government agencies, family, friends, the media, and everyday goers not have come across this family of four?

We want to remind everyone that this loving family is still missing. We have not given up hope for a positive outcome in this case, a happy ending if you will.

Please continue to remember this family in your prayers and tell your friends, co-workers, or whoever will listen, that this family still missing and thousands of everyday people trying to make sure that they are found safe.

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  1. Teresa

    My take? Based on the following:
    1. Summer’s vanity (evidenced by her repeatedly reinventing herself with new names and lying about her true age)
    2. Summer’s possessiveness (evidenced by her need to keep others at arm’s length of her tight little family circle)

    Summer McStay’s many fictions about her life before Joseph finally caught up to her in some form or another. Rather than come clean, she made up some glamorous tale about a threat so urgent that Joseph would agree that they all needed to disappear for their own protection. She had obviously pre-planned this based on the computer searches regarding Mexico. But it was probably sold to Joseph as an emergency situation in which the only way they would all be “safe” would be for them to disappear.

    I hope that Joseph will read or see something that will help him realize what’s happened. He needs to see that Summer has been lying to him for a long time. It’s unfortunate that his health problems probably make him more reliant on her and, therefore, easier for her to manipulate. I don’t mean to imply that she is evil or a terrible person, but she has it seems she has re-written her own biography and is relentless in her effort to hold onto that facade.

  2. Addy

    I just saw the story of your missing family tonight on E! The case is obviously complex; witness protection sounds the most logical to me–given the several changes of name by the wife and the lie about her age. I believe they are still alive. My heart goes out to your family and I pray your loved ones are safe and that you find them soon. Don’t give up!

  3. edyth

    i too believe they r in the witness protection program @ maybe they were looking up mexico to throw people off cuz why would summer change her name so many timez

  4. RickGordon

    Facinating story, my heart and prayers go out to the family. One can not help but try and speculate about this story and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Here are a few observation that stick out:

    1. The wife changed her name in the past.
    2. The kids often wore those hats as quick way to get them ready
    3. The wife was having trouble moving into the new house
    4. Despite the trouble accepting the new house, the family was heavy in the midst of renovation
    5. They purchased things from craigslist
    6.They aparently walked into Mexico after four days of being missing without touching their accounts.
    7. If I heard this correctly they had over 100,000 in their savings and checking account untouched.
    8. Car was found full of toys for the kids.
    9. Home computer shows evidence of researching a crossing of the boarder

    From these observations come the following theory:

    1. Was the family mentally stable? I have a sister who went kind of nutty once and was obsessed with fixing up the house, she was inconsolible and her husband did everything he could do to apease her, buying what ever she wanted, eventually they divorced. This situation reminds of that, could Summer have gone house crazy? Could they have crossed the boarder in search of some tile or other item for the house that she desperately had to have? only to have met with foul play? Could the four days have been spent searching stores etc. locally for the item? This would explain the toys and the kids would need to be apeased for all this time spent shopping. They may have covered the toys originally cosidering driving across the boarder but later decided to walk. The habit of putting hats on the kids may a tell indication a lack of organization often associated with mental illness. A husband beaten down by fighting and attempting to please the woman he loves will go to great lengths and be blinded to the danger.

    I do not believe that they were fleeing anything if this was the case they would not have left the car near by which would give away their direction, and they would have emptied a large portion of that 100 grand from their accounts. One problem that remains in my mind is if they had that much money, why the craiglist shopping and discount store items? Maybe they were just frugal, or maybe there was a reason they were making mostly cash, off line transactions, maybe their income was not as legit as reported. Perhaps there was some aspect to the family business not revealed?

    Anyway theses are just a few points to consider, I hope they are found alive and well!

  5. Crystal

    I will be praying for you all. God will lead you!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!

  6. It's me

    Yes, I agree. Witness protection, either they told on someone for something, and their safety was at risk, or they saw something they wished they hadn’t have. Either way I hope they are ok. This story still breaks my heart.

  7. Karl

    I feel really bad about his particular story. God help will help you. dont you worry

  8. Hmmm

    Hmm, I have a lot to thinks about.
    Personally, I think both the bartender for La Vida Loca and his close HS friend are lying, they know something.

    Also, Witness Protection is out of the ? . If that were the case the show on E! would have never aired. It is too much exposure.

  9. Kayla

    I will be praying that they are found safe and alive. I believe that the High school friend and the bartender are lying i think they know something or where the family is and they just arent talking.

  10. Amanda

    Im watching this on OWN as I type! I’m actually kind of lost. Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on?! Thank you!

  11. Andrew

    Hello I’m from Australia and just saw this story on Tv. I would like to put forward my theory. I think they planned to go to Mexico to perhaps adopt or bring back a child. They didn’t tell anyone as it was supposed to be a surprise. The research on the computer about bringing a child across was research.
    So they left in quite a hurry from the house because they got word that they were ready for the pick up and had to leave. They didn’t plan on being away for long as it was a pick up and that’s it obviously there was some delays once they were on the road. This also ties into the fact that Summer purchased toys possibly for the new addition. Once they got word they left the car with the intention of returning in a couple of hours as they were only going into Mexico to pick up the baby and return. However something must have gone wrong on the other side which has led to them now missing. You may ask why being the kids well it’s exciting and they most likely thought it could be a family thing with the boys in saying meet your new brother or sister.
    The footage of them crossing the boarder with no luggage is obvious they were only going there for a very short stay.
    The question is why did they stop using the cell phones?


    Andrew from Australia.. I like your theory. It’s not a story that I have heard before.

    Using your theory that the family went to Mexico to pick up a child, the temptation of getting a child would be an easy trick to play on the McStay family.

    The rest of the theory: They went to Mexico to pick up a child that did not exist. An old thieves trick to get money, or to kidnap for ransom, or just because they wanted to kill an American family. Or maybe the bandidos stole the McStay children.

    There are just too many holes in the whole story (not in your theory). Until the bodies are found, or the family shows up, or the family is located somewhere south of the border, or someone tells us what happened, the disappearance of the McStay Family is a total mystery!

    I would like to see a TV update once a year… perhaps a timeline, a new look at the video, interview people around San Ysidro, where was the car found, what was in the car, etc. We saw videos from the US side; are there videos on the Mexico?

  13. ariana

    i saw this story on E! i hope god is with them where ever they are, god will always be with them and never ever give up hopes with god everything is possibel

  14. ariana

    i saw this story on E! i hope god is with them where ever they are, god will always be with them and never ever give up hopes with god everything is possible

  15. JC

    I just watched this story and there is NO doubt in my mind that this family left voluntarily. The tape showing the family of 4 crossing into Mexico is def them.. The family has doubts bc the husbands hair wasn’t showing.. Anyone can cut their hair. Sometimes people do things and we never know why they do them but I think this family is alive. I truly believe they just wanted to make a different life for their family. Maybe Summer’s reservations about visiting Mexico was just part of the whole plan to throw family and friends off..? No matter how close you think you are or how much you think you know someone and the lives they lead the TRUTH of the matter is Noone knows how the McStay family felt except them. The father could easily start a successful business in Mexico under another alias. People pack up and leave all the time without a dime to their name. That is what people do who want to start a new life. I do pray that one day this family contacts their loved ones bc I do think it’s selfish to put so much grief of the people who love you most but again… Sometimes ppl do things we won’t ever understand. I’m praying for you guys. This start is def going to eat at me til we find some answers! Don’t ever lose hope, have faith and God bless you all!

  16. JC

    Also… About the Dogs… It would have been too much of a hassle to bring the dogs along. I honestly have so many theories about this story but the one thing that stays consistent is my belief that they are Alive and well.

  17. misa

    I saw this last night on missing on discovery and was thinking maybe the people crossing the border with the kids were not the parents and just people posing as them to abduct the children and who knows what they did with the real parents. Maybe they were seen at the restaurant but the adults were not the mcstays but the abducters whom might have been friends of the family

  18. BeaverBeliever

    I find this story to be so bizarre. No matter where you look one thing leads to a completely different theory. I think everyones theories that i have read are all plausible. I do find it strange that the kids furniture in the back of the vehicle was covered up. Usually you would not over it up unless you were going to leave your car parked because you did not want someone to see the stuff inside and try to steal it. That is odd. Leaving the house with food out and the dog out is also odd and it shows some sign of them planning on returning. Several people think Summer has deeper secrets than what her family know, and I agree. No one changes their name that many times for fun. It is suspicious. I find it strange that as they were walking into Mexico, they were walking far apart for a family going into a foreign country. I would think the mom and dad would be walking next to each other holding the children. But that could just be the families style.

    My theories:
    1. The family parked their car and decided to walk into Mexico to get something relating to his business or even a Craigslist item. They were told by the 3rd party to walk in as it is easier and someone would be meeting them to pick them up, someone they trusted. Foul play was involved and the children are alive but their parents dead.

    2. Summer had something planned and her husband was “taken care of” while she and her children are now living south of the border and starting a new life with new names. Perhaps she had a lover or some estranged affair or just plane snapped.

    3. The family went to meet with the husbands business deal and the deal went wrong. The parents were killed and the children kidnapped and taken into Mexico wearing the clothing of their parents ( moms jacket and boots). However no DNA evidence in the car of others may prove other wise.

    4. they joined a cult.

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