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Today, MAY 30th, 2011, the LA Times published an article featuring our family’s story. Hopefully someone will come forward with information regarding our loved ones.

A few weeks ago, People Magazine, published an article covering our missing loved ones also.

We have had a few leads come in through the site and a few others through the Vanished, Crime Stoppers, and SD Sheriff tip-lines, but to no avail.

Simply mind-blowing that after almost 16 months, there hasn’t been one confirmed sighting with video, pictures or any other type of information that would at least put the family’s minds at ease.

We would like to thank all the wonderful people that are a part of the People Magazine and LA Times crews that worked on our story. Thank You for helping us and showing your humanity. This world is a better place because of you. Thank You also for all the kind words sent in through the site just encouraging us all to keep on keeping on.

On a sad note, we found out that Bear passed away back in February 2011 while reading the People Magazine article. Bear was a big part of the family’s life and Joey’s oldest son who spent each weekend with Joey, Summer, and the boys. When we broke the news to him about Bear (he was unaware), he was heartbroken over it. Just another part of this story that is overwhelming for a teenager to manage, along with your missing Dad, Step-Mom, and little brothers. A courtesy phone call would have been nice so he wouldn’t have to read about it in a magazine. He’s hanging in there “As best I can.”

I guess we’re all hanging in there, “As best I can.”

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  1. Lisa

    Just read the L.A. Times story, and here’s why I’d be suspicious of McCargar . . . When he had left Summer onWed. Feb 3rd after helping her paint, they agreed that he’d return on Saturday. Then he texted her that night to confirm, and she replied, “Yes, we’ll see you Saturday.” After confirming in person and by text on Feb. 3rd, why did he not just show up as planned on Saturday Feb. 5th, rather than texting yet again for a third confirmation? Perhaps he knew they wouldn’t be there, so why waste a trip?

  2. Cheryl Woodruff

    I agree with Lisa.

  3. Tanya

    Lisa..I had the same thought! I was suspicious of the painter as I thought he didn’t need to “document” a third text unless he was covering his tracks.

  4. Kevin

    I suppose witness protection could be one conclusion. The FBI likely wouldn’t give any sensitive information like that to a local San Diego detective. There’s a reason why it’s called witness ‘protection’.

    Although even though I’m sure any contact with family is frowned upon, you have to believe Joseph would have read about his worried family and privately told them the family is okay. BUT, if he did that then I think the family would have to maintain they haven’t heard anything for fear of their anonymity.

    So many possibilities. I hope this ends well. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Kim Kile

    Still praying for all of you….I know it has got to still be so hard but keep your faith and keep your heads up…….


  6. Tanya

    Dear Family,
    I was reading the article in People magazine and can’t help but wonder what happened. I thought about the way your family just disappeared and remember back to a time not long ago when I thought all was normal.
    About 2.5 yrs. back my husband appeared to be the normal happy father and husband. Loved his job, worked hard, and enjoyed life. Then one night out of the blue he gets us all in the car and when asked where we were going he said ” Let’s just get out of here”.
    I said ” Where are we going?”. “It doesn’t matter, we just need to go, let’s just drive and see where we end up. I want nothing to do with our home and what we have in it, I just want to go and be with you guys, any where but here.”
    I didn’t understand. I was very confused and scared, but I was able to remain level headed and talked him into going back home about an hour after leaving.
    The following day he ended up in the hospital because he just shut down. He was then diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Like I said there were no signs of this before, all seemed normal and then wham!
    I was telling a friend of this after I read your story and she said her mother ( who is schizophrenic) used to do the same thing to her and her siblings. She would have them walking hundreds of miles for no reason. She would just tell them that they had to leave.

    This is not to say that is what happened with your brother and his family, but I thought perhaps it is an avenue not approached or thought of before. I do hope they are found and can’t imagine what you must be going through.

  7. Hopeful for you

    I thought this looked like the boys:

  8. Justin Hitchner

    I wish you guys the best, and I hope they come home soon.

  9. Neeraj


    I have been following this situation ever since I heard about it, I think a few weeks after the family disappeared. I am so sorry for what you must be going through. I have a younger sister and I can only imagine the difficult feelings you must be going through. I really don’t have anything to add, except that my thoughts are with you. I hope there is a positive resolution and everyone is safe.

  10. Elizabeth

    I just read the article in People and am so upset by this story. I had never heard of it and came to this site and devoured all the info on it. Keeping the McStay’s and all their loved ones in my thoughts out here in NYC.

  11. Jenn

    I saw the article in People and then watched the Disappeared epsiode online. I find it pretty strange that they had no furniture. They lived in the home for 3 months and on the show they said their furniture was still in storage. I think they knew they were going to leave- maybe not when, but knew they would have to go at some point, either into witness protection or for some other reason to stay safe. It just struck as me as very strange that all of their stuff was in storage. Why?? The kids had no beds, no couches, just an old futon. The renovations of the house could have just been something for the wife to do while they waited until it was time to go. Maybe it helped her feel better since she was so unhappy about having to move. Remember how she said in the home movie “Oh I don’t think I can do this!” when they pulled up to the house. That was weird. Why couldn’t they have just rented a bigger house at the beach if they couldn’t afford to buy in San Clemente? Were they hiding from people out in the mountains? Also, how did they have $100k in the bank right after buying a house? My hunch tells me they took off and are living in Mexico. I’m sure that was them in that cafe, and they’ve had fingerprints altered. Can police forensics tell if fingerprints are changed?
    Oh, and I used to go to Mexico sometimes and we would NOT leave our car in a shopping center parking lot with signs that said the car would be towed. They have lots specifically for Americans to park in so you can cross the border and not have to bring your car over. By parking there, they knew they wouldn’t be coming back over the border, in my opinion.
    Very sad, I wish they could have told their family something so they woulnd’t have to be put through all of this misery :( I hope the kids are safe, too.

  12. Karen

    I am just wondering if the investigators have considered that the vehicle being parked by the border could have been a ploy to throw off the investigation…? I can think of no better way to misguide everyone than that. Do you think it is possible they are being held somewhere in the US? Just a thought… and I am not an expert. Sorry if this has already been addressed.

  13. LR

    “Hopeful For You”, have you notified authorities about the picture? I’m sure they want to investigate any photos that look like the McStays.

  14. Kari

    I had my husband at the dentist office this morning, and picked up a People magazine. I’m awful glad I did. This story is heartbreaking, and I can’t believe there hasn’t been more in the media to get the word out there. I’ve committed their faces in my memory, just…… I live in a small town in Illinois, but you just never know. I wish there was more awareness of this situation.

  15. Arie's mommy

    Ok… I have gone over this case so many times and it strikes me as odd that in one of the photos we see Joseph checking his phone… What about cell phone records? I’m sure the carrier is more than willing to turn over cell records in a case like this. Have they? Were the cell phones left behind? My gut tells me that this family has witnessed something and is now under government protection. Seriously… an entire family dissapears and the media goes crazy and the FBI “sorta helps” by looking around??

  16. Ina

    Hi family!
    Im was very touched by this story, and i cant stop thinking about it. There is a few things of crucial info that i cant find here; what was the nature of the last call with the business partner? And is there any explaination to summers name/age changes? This, to me, is very important questions and i find it so odd that they are not answered?

  17. Goldie Owens

    I looked at the picture posted on facebook and it sure looks like the children to me too. Have the police checked into this? I wont ever forget this story and will keep an eye out for them too. I live in a tourist town in Texas and we get alot of people here from all over the world. I wish your family all the luck in the world.

  18. Sandy

    We are praying for your family and hope they return soon.

  19. Sandy

    We are praying for your family and hope they return soon.

  20. Concerned

    Seeing that Summer changed her name in the past strikes me as very odd. I would love to think they left on their own, but if the bank account wasnt touched that is just weird. Unless he had a lot of cash laying around. I have considered that witness protection might be it, but it sounds like they loved their dog. I dont think they would leave a dog behind. Unless they were forced out in a big hurry and no one could come back. This whole thing is very strange. In the video on facebook it sounds like Summer did not want to live there. The painter not showing up is also strange. Maybe they need to hire some private detectives to really work on this.
    God Bless those kids.

  21. Anonymous

    A very tough situation, I am in the situation with a missing relative in Playas de Tijuana Mexico. Unfortunately all the clues we have discovered and worked with point to foul play and leaving those possibly responsible now vanished. As of now working with the Mexican authorities have been dead ends with no reports of progress. Working with the Tijuana American Consulate is a difficult task because of the Privacy Act protects a individual leaving hardly any details of exact locations the person would have been. Working with local authority is difficult because they do not have authority in Mexico, hands are tied behind their backs. With clues leaning toward foul play and suspects involved inside Mexico, The person is missing outside of United States in Mexico, it is difficult to make progress happen in the corrupt country Mexico.

    I’ve been studying this case of the McStay family recently. Watching the border video of the family crossing makes me think, to cross over the border after dusk would be scary for those unfamiliar with the area, especially for children unaware of their surroundings especially in Revolucion Tijuana. Too many dark areas and dead ends can create panic for those unaware of the area at night. Very difficult to read up on this story, anything is possible once you are in Tijuana, it is not a place to take a stroll without having a friend that knows the area, especially at night.

    I’ll continue following this, hopefully one of us will have a good outcome or closure one of these days.

  22. RICH

    I like watching these mystery, cop, and detective shows where they have a resolution at the end of it..this one just left us hanging..i want them to make cop shows where u find out what happened.
    I sure wish them well, though.

  23. toni

    I too was struck by MacGyver (sp?). No mention of him in any investigative way. Coincidentally, he DOES fit the description of the man in the “border video”. It could be the kids, it could be Summer, but the male figure, according to those who know him best, was surely not Joey.

  24. SUNNY

    I have just watched the episode of DISAPPEARED and felt compelled to find out more about this story…It is heart wrenching just to see this story and I cannot imagine the pain being a part of it!!! Idid not see any current news and was wondering if there has been any new leads? I will pray for the McStay family and their safety…I am sure wherever they are Joseph is protecting them and keeping them safe!!! I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers and hope for some kind of answers and peace of mind for all involved…

  25. tina beebe

    I don’t wish to imagine wat your going through but because of who I am I hav too.I am a medium but hav not perfected it in a sense since I was a single mom raising 3 children .was overwhelmd in my own life.therefor did not receive all that I could hav with these gifts.most comes in dreams .and no such thing as coincidents.I recently had a verry disturbing dream and somwat sci fi which iam a naturalist reality based interests verry family oriented .but kids hav grown now strtd own lives.n I havv becom disabled due to a car accident that I was forwarned about coming for 5 years through same dream .maybe 1 maybe 2 times per year.also was not forwarned about my house burning down n loseing everything 1 week befor it did .but instead was told of anothr family n home n me saving them n getting them n their dog to safety at picnic table.this dream told me befor my house burnt not to be devastated material things can be replaced and as long as I still hav my family n my own life I am fortunate.n willl hv start over.and was verry thankful no one got hurt including the boy who used the oil lamp and stayd at my house wen got kickd outa his moms .I was layd up at my dads from car wreck tryn to work part time but was just too hard on me.and had to use total mony made to buy the morphine to be able to work the litl I is hard to believe and never underestimate the higher power can get through wen necessary wen you least expect coincidences .I try to evaluate these dreams I hav best I can .I thought the baby in my dream was my youngest because I hav no new baby.please contact me as I do not feel comfortable with my safety with the info I am about to give you.I had the dream Thursday night I saw the documentary last night n now feel my dream was pertaining to your family.and I am suggesting that you hire or ask a higher medium or crime investigater that also hav these gifts that has the abilitys to tune in freely n mor often .fine tuned .I hav not had the practice or time to fine tune this yet .but plan able to tap into anothr realm at will to get information .most of mine is just been given to me with no efforts made.thn noticing things around me n putting pieces togethr like a puzzle.but will share the dream w you and my fellings and confusion of the I had the dream first remember Thursday night .watched documentary last night.n really felt deep n linkdand would like too share wat I hav privately through email for my safety n it isn’t a lot but it is few litl things that connect.n othrs that raise mor questions and I will keep focusing on this family to see iof I can receive more in our future.and please don’t be skeptical on the higher power n don’t throw any negativity into these energies that we receive must hav faith n belief n need to put all your own energie and will into receiving this information to whoever it may come too to help this whole family weather the knowledge comes to you me another psychic or medium or a neighbor or anyone close all become a team with all the energies togethr to get as much information as we can however it is provided to us through events places tv radio all that is around us .or the other realm of information that only certain people can tap into but please put your possitive energy with theirs n believe in wat they r doing and do it togethr as one to make it more powerful or as 3 or 4 if all positive seeking energies with whole heart into it and clear minded.and open to receive new info not go over wat you all redy hav .u do that later.or you’ll trip up your info n blend things togethr.please somethn to do with hunter or olive green color and german shepard and baby and door and house disapearing n 2 men.

  26. dirndltje

    I too was quite triggered by this Macgyver (did he choose his own name too?). If the family had 100.000 dollars in the bank why would it have been hard to find a professional painter, certainly with the economical crisis? So he was in their house for days, maybe it was him who was responsible to get them out of the country (WPP)? I’m sure these arrangements won’t be made over the phone/computer, too traceable.
    And who knows after crossing the border there might have been another car, passports, money etc. And in Mexico they do have airports, they could have gone anywhere. But the story about the painting appointment on Saturday, it’s just not right. Does anybody know how he got befriended with them, for how long, what is his real job (seemed to have plenty of time to paint…)?

  27. CJ Stevens

    My wife and I watched the episode on Disappeared and also read the updated news articles. Thoughts: The computer search on checking Mexican border entry requirements could have been made by someone else who had access to their home (the painter?).

    Also, Summer had been checking Craig’s list. Could they have found toys at a great price and were told that they would have to come pick them up today (Feb. 4th) or else someone else would be coming to buy the toys. Could this have been a ruse to lure the family to rush out to pick up these items. Since the items were covered, could they have been bought to give as future birthday gifts? A surprise for the kids room?

    At the border, could someone be wearing the clothing of the adults while taking the children over the border. Could they be selling the children for adoption money?

    In any case, we are very sad for the family. We have you in our prayers and thoughts.

  28. TESS

    Did anyone check out the previous owners of the new home? With workers in the home, couldn’t one of them have accessed the computer? I watch a lot of mystery cases, but this one really bothers me. I hope they find the family soon.

  29. Cambre Rodriguez

    I have just watched a rerun of one of the Disappeared shows about the McStay family and I am just heartbroken over this. In the show the detective stated that there was a tip at a restaurant in Baja Mexico where a map was left behind. My heart melts as they said the fingerprints on that map did not belong to Summer or Joey. I was wondering however if they had ever found out whose fingerprints those were. There were mixed emotions about the video going into Mexico and I do not want to be negative but what if they waiter did identify the child from the strawberry birthmark but the children are with someone that’s not their parents. Just a thought. I really wish they would do an update show on the McStay family. Seeing new evidence that they have come across could help tremendously.

  30. Solomon Terra

    Found at last. May they rest in peace. :-(

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