SD Sheriff’s Video Released

The San Diego Sheriff has the video up on their YouTube Channel.


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  1. Steve

    This video is so frustrating! Could be Joseph with a beanie on? There has to be a better quality video than this, its the border??? I have been Joseph’s neighbor and friend for a long time, he is a great person and a great family man. Hope him and his family are found soon. Our prayers go out to them and Jonah.

    Big Steve

  2. Locode
  3. Locode

    I do not believe that the family on the video is the McStay’s.

    After repeated watchings, it appears to me that the “male” figure is actually carrying another child, and that child is holding a bag of some sort.

  4. Elaine

    I personally don’t know how anybody can make out anything. Can’t the cameras at the border be improved to make our borders more secure???? Because the videos are almost useless. Maybe the FBI can improve the quality to get more info, but until then, I personally think they are useless…. GET BETTER VIDEOS ON OUR BORDERS.

  5. Stacy Robinson

    The 2 children in the video are wearing those kind of hats that have balls on top. Can anyone confirm in the family if these boys had those types of hats? I can tell in the photos on this site that they have worn similar hats. I do not share the theory that the McStay’s dissappeared on their own as Joseph would not leave his own son (Jonah) behind and because of what everyone says about his character. Someone may have asked them to meet in Mexico, maybe it has to do with the big contract Joseph was talking about? And then maybe something possibly happened there. I hope they are still alive and that it’s just a matter of time that they will be found. Praying for your family. May Jesus be your peace and comfort.

  6. Brent

    Ummm…how come my 3 year old phone has better video clarity than our borders?

  7. Ro

    I don’t understand….would someone please clarify for me….when you cross into Mexico…do you not need a passport ……. do you not need to show it…….don’t the Mexican authorities log the names, dates and times of people coming across the border? I know that’s what we do here in Canada and certainly when we cross into the US or go into Mexico at the airport for that matter. This video doesn’t make sense to me…..why is there not a secondary way to verify whether it was them or not? Does anyone else see the child let go of the woman’s hand when they get to the top of the screen?

  8. wheels

    Funny how everyone seemed to pick out the same family, myself included, even though no one told us where to look or what time frame.
    I also thought that the man was carrying another child.
    I have to admit though that based on body type, mannerisms and the way this woman is carrying her purse I think it could be Summer.

  9. Barb

    Thank you Mike for your updates. The one photo your talking about, it shows someone pushing a stroller, is this missing from the home?

  10. Jenifer Jewell

    In second (32), its clear that the male is carrying a bag in his left hand while holding the child’s hand with his right hand..then for a moment in second (34), it appears to be a large shadow on his left side, such a one writer though might be a child this person holding in his left hand, but if you slowly review the video, there is no third child, its just a shadow.

    I think these adults are walking too fast for children the age of the McStay children.

    People don’t vanish like this, with no cash, car or credit cards being used. It does appear that they were abducted or taken against their will.

  11. Rob Suplido

    He’s wearing a tan or yellow jacket with a dark hooded sweatshirt of some sort; she is clearly wearing a white jacket with a dark “V” design on the upper back. The hats the kids are wearing are billed caps, like in baseball… the reason they stand up and out so much(to me) is that the kids are talking to the parents as they walk and looking up. The male isn’t carrying a child as the angle would suggest the kid would have to be carrying the bag with his feet and I think the male is carrying a bag of some sort, with the hood adding a confusing silhouette.
    They are evident later on in the video at :58 by the two jackets of the adults as they cut to the left; one in a tan jacket(pretty sure its tan at that point) and the hood stands out pretty well on the male and then the white jacket comes into angle. The stay to the left and she follows him until they disappear at the end of the video… and I’m sure none of this is new information. The bag was white also… sort of like a grocery store plastic bag for bagging groceries(obviously); it comes into frame later once.
    What I don’t get is why aren’t they walking closer? Could be a tactic(a poor one though) to not be seen together or one of the most relaxed border crossings I’ve ever seen… they look like they’re going for a walk on the beach. Eitherway, I am sorry for their families sake and hope they’re found soon.

  12. Deena

    I just watched the dissapeared show about your family. I decided to check out the net and see if there were any new updates since the show aired. No. But in reading these post I have to agree with Rob Suplido, up there, on the why is they family walking so far apart? I have 4 kids, and I don’t care if I’m walking into walmart, let alone walking acroos the border into another country, we keep everyone together. Not only are they far apart, they are walking pretty fast, and at no time does the man turn around and look behind him. It’s a natural, parenting instinct, if they are not in front of you, you turn to find them, check to make sure they are alright. And if they are alright, why so far apart and disconnected? Taking in account where their car was found, and the general appearence of the people on the video, I do believe it is the McStay family in the video, it just don’t add up. Somebody, somewhere, can clean up this video. It’s just a shame that it’s taken this family to be gone for people to realize how loose the security is to cross the border, there should be camera’s all over the USA side, I mean come on people, if you are a fleeing fugitive, no wonder your going to Mexico, we make it so easy to get away. Somethings up here. I believe the walked across that border that night, someone needs to find out WHY???? And were the parents passports eventually located? In storage or something? And what about the other childs birth record? The show said only one was found? Way more questions then answers. This case has truly touched me, and I’m not sure why, but I do hope some answers are forthcoming for your family soon.

  13. Deena

    I was looking again at this videoafter I read a few more articles and watched a few more interviews, and in one article I read it said Mike, the brother said the video from the neighbors camera shows all the family getting into the suv and leaving. if you can see them on that video, what were they wearing when they left the house? I also noticed when the border video is shown, in some cases, after they croos through that “doorway”, the, wrong person is being followed in with the highlight to the video. It’s another lady in a white jacket and ugg boots, but not the same one behind the man and child. that man in the video had on what looks to me, to be a “carpenter” brand coat, in the tan color, and the lady was in a white coat.

  14. RNS

    I agree I just seen this story on Lifetime and wanted to look more into it. If you pass the border you show your passport, I didnt cross into Mexico by foot but when I went I had to show passport and other stuff. It’s a shame that this family went missing and I hope that something new comes up and they are brought home safely.

  15. Christina

    First I have to comment: since this video has been all over the internet and on TV, one would think that those people who are walking across the border would comfirm that they aren’t the McStay family. How come no one in this group has come forward to clarify who they really are? Wouldn’t they want to help the police involved in this case? Wouldn’t they want to help the family? Maybe these people in this video are totally clueless to the fact that they are being plastered all over the internet and TV. Maybe they haven’t even seen the video. Is it possible they could try to track the people down? Sounds impossible but it may not be. Maybe it is the McStays and they decided to go missing on their own and that’s why the people in the video have not confirmed anything. There could be so many possibilities and I’m not saying that they went missing on their own because I really do not know what happened to these dear folks.

    But I can say that I’ve come to my own conclusion that The lady in the white coat resembles Summer’s body frame and shape. The lady’s hair also looks like Summer’s but pulled up in some type of bun or something. But what baffles me is that the guy who is holding the the little kids hand looks like he is taller than Summer’s husband and way too slender to be her husband. On the other hand, his back looks like it would fit summer’s husband. A little more broad. But other than that it doesn’t resemble a lot of the husband. In addition, the guy looks like he doesn’t have much hair and Summer’s husband had oodles of curly hair. I’m sure if he wore a hat it would all stick out no matter. What doesn’t make sense is that they are walking far apart from each other. The man in this video never even looks back to check on the other two behind him. This makes me wonder if they both were just two separate people with two separate kids just traveling through the Mexican border and coincidently, the kids were wearing similar hats to those of Summer and Joeseph’s kids.

    I have been following this story. This is such a confusing story and they literally just vanished. I don’t understand how someone could vanish around so many people and how no one around them seems to know a thing about what happened to them. Someone must have saw them leaving their car with or without their own will. It’s just so strange that they disappeared around a busy shopping center. Someone should have seen something and no one is coming forward. This is what frustrates me. Either people saw the McStay family unharmed so they didn’t bother thinking anything of it. Or someone saw something that they don’t want to share. This leads to another possibility, that the McStay family were taken some place else and their car abandoned in the center by the person who harmed them. But either way, someone must have saw someone leave that SUV. I highly doubt that center was totally empty of people. I don’t care if it was a small glance. Someone must have saw soemthing. Was their car examined for any evidence or foul play? I don’t remember if it was or wasn’t. Or if no one said anything about this.

    I wish I could do more to help I wish I could work this investigation to help the McStay family. There are so many questions that I’d like to find out that I feel like aren’t being answered and I feel like things aren’t getting done. I hope no one gives up. Something good has to come out of it so the McStay family can rest and minds at ease. I’ll continue to pray and follow this story for a positive outcome.

  16. Peter

    I can’t believe the quality of the surveillance tapes at the Mexican border. When we cross from Canada into the US, we must show a passport and answer questions regarding our trip (where are you going? How long will you be there?) I honestly believe that the McStay family was forced out of their home. Has anyone considered that something may have happened to Joseph in the US and that the man in the video is abducting Summer and the kids? It does seem like they’re walking very quickly. Obviously the people in the video are trying to get into Mexico in a hurry. If it is the McStay family, maybe the person forcing them out of the US is watching them to make sure they cross the border. This story continues to frustrate me ( as well as everyone else I’m sure)…We are keeping the McStay family in our thoughts and will continue to check back for any updates. May your family return home safely. If it could happen for Jaycee Dugard, I am confident that it can happen for this family.

  17. Jason

    The child or ‘shadow’ that everyone is seeing Joseph carrying I believe is the hood of the jacket he is wearing. At frame :36 the child with Joseph looks back at the mother. They don’t appear to be walking any faster than anyone else. The person next to them in the ball cap is walking much faster. What strikes me about this is the day that the vehicle was found and towed. If we are to assume that this is the family in the video and they left their vehicle there the fourth day after they left their house (reported that the car was towed the fourth day), where were they for those four days?? And nobody saw them? Weird.

  18. duane

    its them, not all familys walk side by side or all together, especially when they are in a hurry, and it appears by the way they were walking fast they were in a hurry, and at that period of time no you didnt have to show your passport or I.D. I know that for a fact because I ve crossed that part of the boarder and was not asked any questions or had to show any identification, I been across there 3 times no questions asked and no id. my question is this did they have life insurance? did any one check to see if the family had any checking or savings accounts in mexico, how many times have they been to mexico and if they have been there before where and what part of mexico did they go? has any one checked to see if any money was wired from the family to mexico, do they have any friends that live in mexico, where was his wife born?or from? I think they voluteerly left but theres more to it then what it appears to be.

  19. LAHoxie

    I thought I would clarify something for people who have never crosses into Mexico by foot. I did this in my early 20s, back when it was a little safer (early 2000s) and you never needed to show anything to get in. You also only needed to show your state ID card to get back in.
    There was this one time, when I was crossing back into USA with my friends late at night, and there was this family, with (I believe) 3 little kids, the man had a giant stuffed backpack, they looked terrified as they charged for the boarder. They never looked back. That will always stick with me, I’ll always want to know why a decent looking family would leave for Mexico, on foot, in the middle of the night.
    Now hearing this story– and recalling what I’ve witnessed, I wonder how common this is— and really just why even one family would uproot and start new like that?
    My heart goes out to the family and friends who still have no answers years later.

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