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  1. Rose

    I’m afraid that this family is dead. If they were ANYWHERE at all, someone somewhere would have seen them, even in Mexico. I don’t believe that the family is in hiding under the witness protection program, either. No way would they put their loved ones and family members through this wwwwwwwithout letting them know that they are safe.

    No, I’m afraid that there was something going on- who knows what. Someone had a vandetta against this family and did them in. Don’t know why. I read that there was no money taken out of their account, so that rules out so many things.

    I just don’t know. It really boggles the mind as to how an entire family can just disappear into thin air.

    I do have a question that has been on my mind since I saw the tv program, and that is concerning the neighbor’s camera pointing to the McStay’s house. If I remember correctly it showed a vehicle leaving the house. did it show it arriving? If anyone came or went, wouldn’t it show everything?Maybe I missed something?

    It’s all so sad. I pray for closure for the surviving family members.

  2. billy

    i think they should visit all schools and doctor surgery’s in mexico to find out if they’vre seen a boy with a birth mark on his forehead. the boy has to attend some school or he has to go to a doctor or clinic some time. just a thought.

  3. joann

    Now and then I check the website to see if there any news on this family, its just terrible, its crazy to think an entire family, just gone. The one thing I was wondering is the last person Joesph visited, I think the guy worked for him, why it was not made public, what kind of person is this, even his family members. I have a feeling this could be a very good lead. Why did Joseph go to this guys home, in the past 2 years, Ive never heard or read anyone ask these questions. I think the media should give this more air time.

  4. Anna

    The McStays are NOT dead! I can feel it! I can feel them! They are out there….somewhere. They probably left for a good reason.

  5. anonymous

    i dont know where or when and also im not hundred porcent sure but at least 50 % that i saw sammuel in some place

  6. Michele

    I have followed this from day one. I think he, Joey that is, must have come across some dark charactets in his business dealings. Someone was jealous. Someone wanted to make them disappear. Or maybe just get rid of him and Summer to sell or traffic those two latin looking boys.

  7. joanne

    craigs list prior to their disappearance is where you will find the answer of what happened to this family.

  8. regina

    summer would NEVER leave the dogs like that. Bear used to travel with them. when they went out and about the dogs were always with them. Summer treated them like her own babies. I just can’t see her leaving them alone for all that time. if she did she would have made arrangements for someone to come & feed and water and check on them.

    the food being left out. something bad happened. I will continue to pray for all families involved. I WILL NEVER STOP PRAYING!!

  9. Michele H

    I too have followed this from day 1, it’s so troubling. I recently read a theory on line that actually seemed to be somewhat plausible. The idea of money being laundered in perhaps a product shipped to Joseph unbeknowns to him. I’m not sure what anyone would do if they came upon this. It would have had to be a significant amount. This might explain the previous Internet searches regarding traveling to Mexico with children. Trying to determin what to do. If someone tried to make contact with Joseph and he felt he and his family was in danger he may have fled. He seems to be a genuine family guy and may not have wanted to involve anyone else for their protection. This may also explain the 4 day lapse, trying to really figure out what to do. In the end just go. I can only hope for the day that I check this sight and find a happy ending. The family and friends remain in my prayers but most of all this family.

  10. A salinas

    I have a question, since there were toys found in the back of the truck with Ross tags still on them, we’re the security cameras ever checked at the Ross store where the car was abandoned?

  11. michael

    just watched the show on missing persons ~ the four day gap is very puzzleing, although my gut tells me they did cross the border, but i feel as if something happened to them there, and i also feel its in relation to summers past some how. not to infringe on either side of the family, more questions on her side of the family could uncover the next clue. god be with the mcstays and there chilldren,

  12. COCO

    Where are the dogs now?

  13. Krista Gasiorowski

    I still follow this case. It is insane that their $$ hasn’t been touched, and no one has heard or seen anything. Someone knows something. It’s either a bad business deal or something from Summer’s past….IDK it’s crazy. I feel so awful for their families. Someone needs to come forward.

  14. Marion

    I read a comment about bank accounts not being touched, that should be the biggest sign of all.
    Everyone needs access to their money, the only way to live .
    I hope the family gets some kind of closure before they leave this earth, they deserve that much.
    I am sure the police know more than their saying, they don’t want to jeopardize what little they do know.
    God Bless all the Family and Friends—-God Bless the missing McStays and all the other missing people that have never been found.

  15. Keith

    After reviewing all known information it is clear that this family is no longer alive, and more clear that their absence is not of their own will. The tragedy is immense, and I cannot even begin to say that I know how their loved ones feel; my heart goes out to then. The frightening thing is that the killers are at large, maybe even amongst the very community from which this family has been removed, or nearby.

    I know that people need money to live. They took none (unless we should believe they joined some cult that preached communal wealth and leaving behind all your wealth, bit it doesn’t fit..but then people who believe do weird things). Still, people who disappear often leave traces unintentionally. Nobody is that good at keeping secrets, even the pros. Moreover, if they wanted to disappear why would their families continually ask for help in finding them (if they were hiding this would definitely blow their cover). It has been the case that you follow the money when any evidence of a crime has been committed; in this case the family’s money has been untouched. I think there it’s money that is unseen here somewhere-maybe it’s gambling money, out money that was supposed to fund Big deal, etc. I have friends who have been harassed and threatened by bookies for small debts (in one case one was beaten and actually abducted for hours until he coughed up a golf club set and jewelry, and he was reluctant to go to police). It is not hard to see worse happening for a much larger debt (these debts are often times untraceable to forensics, short term, high interest, and bad things happen when they are not repaid). I think a crew was involved in this-it was professional, thus no burning car, no blood evidence, no body. Maybe the actual crime did not even occur in the US, but something bad happened and somebody knows (but is scared as hell to come clean). Investigators should follow the money (even what they cannot see); it is the simplest explanation and probably the best lead.

  16. Arnold Lynn

    After reading about the case:
    The cctv footage from the border was shown to the family who said they recognized the children from the footage but not the adults as summer and joseph.A waiter had claimed to see the family,the waiter said he recognized Joseph mateo from his red scar on his forehead and him looking lik a girl.The family said they were looking for their map they had left behind,fingerprints from the map were found not to be josephs or summer’s.I think the kids are wid 2 unknown individuals.What relation or contact summer or joseph had wid them,i dont know,I think summer or joseph had a history in mexico of some sort and when they saw the past coming towards them they fled their home suddenly but it caught up to them maybe killed summer and joseph and took the kids.The persons may have brought the toys for the kids but i dont know why the toys and car were left behind an why these 2 individual need a map of mexico(assuming they are from mexico).There are many more questions but i think the basic crux of my theory is true.
    Good luck in finding your family,I hope u see them again

  17. Erwin van Kesteren

    Hello i’m Erwin and at the moment i’m looking this program on tv and my Question is are they found i hope it but I have an bad feeling about them a think it’s a mexican MS 13 memberthat killed for them money mabey not the children but their mom and dad it’s Horrible but the time is to long for a good end

  18. Amanda

    I am watching the Mcstay’s E story and my theory is they are in witness protection if they are in witness protection they most likely wouldn’t tell there family and friends out of fear for there own protection and there families protection and the police and government are going along with this whole thing to protect them from what they may have witnessed for all we know they could be hiding from a family member or a friend maybe that’s why nobody seems to know anything

  19. Random

    I think foul play on the husband and the woman Summer ran with another man and the two kids to Mexico. I think the wife has something to do.. They should follow the trail of this woman.

  20. Eva Justin

    1st theory: I’ve heard quite a bit of this story and my theory fits with “Random’s” theory. I believe Summer has something to do with this She may have fallen in love with another man (she sure is sexy) and had Joseph wacked and took kids to mexico. Remember she had a separate account with 20,000 in it. Once in Mexico she decided not to touch the money because the cops would find her or something. They found on the computer searches on “what documents are needed for children to enter Mexico” she was also trying to take spanish language lessons. 2nd theory: the McStays got home invaded, forced family to get into their truck, killed Joseph and possibly Summer too after driving somewhere far (thats why truck was missing for 4 days before being found and towed). Then eventually took kids to Mexico. Culprits might be a crazy family living close to the McStays possibly in same neihborhood or town and can’t have kids of their own. That’s why they only wanted the kids and not the money. I like my 1st theory better. Just my investigative opinions. God bless this family whatever happend to them and hope they find them safe.

  21. Louis

    I follow this case from afar.
    A timeline of their movements should be followed. It would appear that the family left to visit a shop of sorts and bought the toys that were found in the back of the car.
    Any chain-store should be able to indicate at which store the toys were bought, date ,time etc. All stores have security videos that should show the family and possibly people accompanying them.

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