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About Mcstay Family

A team of experts comprised of the industry’s top designers, creative directors, bloggers, and agencies take on the difficult work of evaluating the creativity and effort put into the online projects that are presented to the mcstay family on a regular basis.

Every year, the McStay family hosts conferences in a variety of prominent locations across the globe, including New York, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, as well as London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Our events bring together the top digital agencies and thought leaders in the globe.


Our Vision

Visions depict how the organization's constituents and itself could achieve success in the future. During strategic planning, explicitly declaring that goal in a phrase such as the mission statement may be quite motivating.

Who We Are

We are a goal-oriented organization dedicated to helping our members achieve their objectives via effective planning and coordination of operations. It is based on the delegation of obligations among organizational members, as well as the ideas of authority and responsibility.
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Our Mission

It is critical for the members of an organization to work together toward a shared purpose. It's often referred to as the mission. To its members, the mission may be tacit or explicit. It is sometimes expressed concisely as a mission statement.